Rio Grande (B&W)

In this John Ford classic, John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara are embroiled in an epic battle with the Apaches and each other. Lt. Col. Yorke (John Wayne) leads his cavalry troops to the Rio Grande to fight a warring tribe. Yorke’s toughest battle lies ahead when his unorthodox plan to outwit the elusive Apaches leads to possible court-martial. Locked in a bloody war, he must fight not only to save his family, but also to redeem his honor.

A Separate Peace

As World War II rages overseas, the prestigious Devon prep school holds a summer session for boys trying to graduate before they’re drafted. Among the students are two unlikely new roommates: Gene (J. Barton), a quiet, introspective bookworm; and Finny (Toby Moore), a carefree and wildly popular athlete. Charmed by Finny, Gene joins him for a series of exciting escapades. But when Gene’s grades decline, he suspects that Finny secretly wants him to fail.

Delta Force

The story is based upon the June, 1985 hijacking of a TWA jet, where passengers were held at gun-point by terrorists in Beirut, Lebanon. The film re-enacts various real life incidents from the crisis an American serviceman is beaten to death, a terrorist holds a gun to the pilot's head as the pilot is being questioned by reporters while depicting the tension aboard the plane and the agony of the passengers, held under the threat of death by the terrorists.

Three Days of the Condor

In Sydney Pollack’s critically acclaimed suspense-thriller, Robert Redford (Spy Game ) stars as CIA Agent Joe Turner. Code name:Condor. When his entire office is massacred, Turner goes on the run from his enemies…and his so-called allies. After reporting the murders to his superiors, the organization wants to bring Condor in – but somebody is trying to take him out.

Marci X

A young Jewish woman must take over a hard-core rap label for her Father, which includes negotiating the negative publicity of a song by one of the label's artists.

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Two lovers engage in a passionate but thwarted romance in this modern adaptation of the classic novel.

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Family Friendly

A girl fed up with her quirky, disfunctional family runs away from home, forcing all of them to spend time with each other. While her family finds common ground in their worry over her.

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Most Watched

Jack Ryan is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack. Ryan helps to thwart Holmes’ assailants and becomes a local hero. But Ryan’s act marks him as a target. Now he must return to action to save his family.